Hey Jammers!

You probably arrived here from my audition announcement on AJ, or maybe a friend invited you; either way, welcome! The series I'm creating is called Diary of a Diva and has a similar concept to journal of a jammer. The cast is just bunnies and takes place in a bunny world. It will be recorded and put on youtube as a series. This isn't just a roleplay. The series is about a girl Rose, who struggles in her last years of high-school because her past has caught up to her. Instead of the quirky cute MC,shes a retired and used to be mean girl. If your still interested in trying out and participating as an actor in this series there is a link to seeing the Cast.

Now that you've seen who your trying out for, this is how auditions will work~

  1. You must fill out a form and submit it to the wiki's comments. There is a link: Here
  2. After I review your form and its complete, I'll reply to your comment showing you the date & time of your audition.
  3. When you go to your audition (please be on time) come dressed as the character/s your trying out for. You'll be able to try out for 3 of your top roles. Either you'll end up call-backed or rejected. In order to be call-backed it depends on your efficiency and Character look. (If you meet the item and look requirements on cast page) When your call-backed it means your good enough to possibly get the role. Being call-backed does not mean you have the role, it just means you made it to the 2nd part. Don't worry if your rejected that doesn't mean you won't be able to be in the series at all. There are smaller roles or extras available just click either links to view them.
  4. For those who make it to the second part, you get a second audition and this time you have to act. After I audition everyone who is call-backed I will post the final actors (People who got the roles) on the Wiki. Again those who don't get picked after the 2nd part can get a smaller role or be an extra.

The last thing I want to explain is that you can also create a den (set) for the series, masterpieces, or donate (trade) items for the series and well. Just jag me at my user:mintrose25 and we can talk about how you'd like to do any of these thing. You would be credited and shouted out in the video if you did this, and it would be greatly appreciated.

If you guys have any questions, comment on this page, reach out on AJ, and etc!

Keep Jamming, Bye~

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